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Springfield Public Works Facility
New Construction
Springfield Twp, Montco
Wyndmoor, PA

This new facility is the primary location for the Township’s Public Works operations and is one of three facilities situated on a reimagined municipal campus. Working closely with an advisory committee of volunteer citizens and Township representatives, this new building is designed to meet the challenging goals and criteria set forth by the Township. These goals include sensitivity to neighboring residences, flexible buildings for future adaptability, creation of an identifiable civic campus that welcomes the public, and the integration of sustainable design; including energy efficient and healthy buildings, leadership in stormwater management, and lowest practical cost of ownership. The design of the Public Works facility accommodates their operational space needs and addresses the challenges of site and existing topography by separating the program elements into stand-alone component buildings. These buildings are placed at the perimeter of the yard, thereby enhancing both the visual and the acoustic screening of the public works activities from the rest of the site and the surrounding neighbors.

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