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Conestoga High School
Additions and Alterations
Tredyffrin/Easttown School District
Berwyn, PA

Daley + Jalboot Architects carefully balanced new construction with renovations to create an expansion project that revitalized the educational environment for this 1,800 student high school. Additions include a 24 classroom science and education wing featuring ten advanced-technology chemistry labs, and an addition to the existing music suite provides a choral pavilion. Renovations and expansions in the cafeteria create a 'food court' atmosphere increasing student lunch program participation. Expanding the lobby provides a unifying community space, as well as a fitting front door to the school. D+JA provided for extensive infrastructure upgrades including air conditioning the entire school and reconfiguring much of the thirty-one acre site. Careful phasing of this complex project allowed for continuous use of the school as construction progressed.

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