sustainable design

Sustainable design is a goal that Daley + Jalboot Architects strives to achieve on every project, whether or not the project is seeking LEED certification. Our core philosophy and approach both work toward developing a building that is respectful of the site, the environment, and the use of energy and materials. Whether utilizing the newest technologies or simple solar shading devices, we focus on the basics of conservation and efficiency of materials, resources, and energy to complement the design and provide a safe environment for the occupants. That is both an environmentally responsible design, and good long-term fiscal decision for the client.

D+JA has experienced LEED professionals that are familiar with the process and principles of Sustainable Design. Our first venture into the LEED certification process resulted in the first LEED NC Platinum project in Pennsylvania. The firm has experience in employing many systems including daylighting, solar collection, ground source heat pump mechanical systems with energy recovery, building envelope insulation systems, energy modeling to create highly efficient building systems, green roofs, and storm water management systems, all based on being good stewards of the environment.

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